Hablar dos idiomas desde la juventud podría prevenir la demencia

[ad_1] Hablar dos idiomas proporciona la envidiable capacidad de hacer amigos en lugares insólitos. Un nuevo estudio sugiere que el bilingüismo puede tener otra ventaja: mejorar la memoria en la vejez. Tras estudiar a cientos de pacientes de edad avanzada, unos investigadores alemanes descubrieron que quienes decían utilizar dos idiomas a diario desde temprana edad … Read more

As Hospitals Close and Doctors Flee, Sudan’s Health Care System Is Collapsing

[ad_1] With the battle for control of Sudan entering its third week, health care services are rapidly unraveling in the nation’s capital, Khartoum, a grim consequence of the brutal fighting that has raised fears the conflict could devolve into a wider humanitarian crisis. The total collapse of the health care system could be days away, … Read more

INTERVIEW: ‘Extremely difficult conversations’: Seeking justice for sexual abuse victims

[ad_1] She shared with UN News her on-the-ground accounts of “extremely difficult conversations” with victims and their children, and how the UN is addressing issues from child support to DNA testing. Jane Connors of Australia is the first Victims’ Rights Advocate for the United Nations. UN News: How would you assess progress made to date? … Read more

National Academies Members Demand Answers About Sacklers’ Donations

[ad_1] More than 75 members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine demanded on Thursday that the organization explain why it has for years failed to return or repurpose millions of dollars donated by the Sackler family, including some who led Purdue Pharma. The company’s drug, OxyContin, helped set in motion a prescription … Read more